This morning, after my sister dropped me off to Halte TransJakarta Slipi, i saw this cute and nice girl in TransJakarta. I like her style, the way she walk, the way she moves, so full of confident. So, i take a line behind her, so we can both take the same bus, and we did. In the bus, i wonder what should i do, did i just asked her name or just say “Hi..” and what should i do next. I mean,..what is the odd that some random guy greet a random girl in the bus stop? What would you say? After thinking for a moment, i decided to wait until she step off the bus and i will come to her.

She stepped out at Halte Semanggi, for a moment i begin to talk to my self  “step out, no, step out, no, step out…” , and finally i step out. I took a quick step to catch her,  but suddenly, i chickened out.. instead of running into her, i did nothing. I just stand and watched her from distance until she dissapeared in the crowd. Damn !!!

* i wonder what am i going to do if  i’ll have the chance to meet her again…

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14 Responses to TJ

  1. annya says:

    *Siap-siap oven
    *lagi pengen makan ayam panggang

  2. alvanalvian says:

    Ha ha ha..
    sarcasm ya..
    ampun nnya..

  3. DimCip says:

    loe aneh aja
    udah step out tapi ndak ngapa2in
    gimana mau percaya gw kata2 loe ttg peluang gue yang 90% -_-

  4. alvanalvian says:

    Ampun Dim..
    apalah awak ini, cupu.. ;p

  5. puput says:

    hadohhhh… boro dah baca ampe bawah 😛
    Like I said van, you can re-create the experience, but not the event 😀

  6. alvanalvian says:

    kena banget dah pas baca artikel lo itu..

  7. -dims says:

    jadi, everlasting gebetan lo nambah, van?

    gagagagagagagagagagggggg… 😀

  8. Jofardhan Faruq says:

    *pock pock pock


  9. alvanalvian says:

    Hahaha, nambah gmn maksudnya dims?

    Kunaon say? gimana kabarnya di aussie?

  10. Jofardhan Faruq says:

    kok nambah sih dims, emang dia punya yang gak ‘everlasting gebetan’? :))

    alhamdulillah baik say :* kapan nyusul?

  11. Asop says:

    Kalau memang kalian bertemu lagi, barangkali kalian memang jodoh. 😳

  12. alvanalvian says:

    Hahaha..naon maksud..
    nyusul ke aussie? bagi tiket gratis dong, nanti gua liburan deh dsana.. :p

    @ Asop

  13. Ari Kuncoro says:

    widiw… tinggal sosor men. :p :p

  14. alvanalvian says:

    Hahaha..iya nih..
    cupu awak kmrn.. :p

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