Gym Class Heroes: Stereo Hearts ft. Adam Levine


Really like this song, the beats, the lyrics, especially Adam Levine’s part. Damn…his voice is so sexy (sounds gay, wkwkwk..). I knew this song from DQ about weeks ago, and the first time i heard this song i didn’t really notice,  there was nothing special about it.. But then, I heard Stereo Hearts again on the radio and as I listened to it carefully, I got addicted to the tune. I can’t stop playing this song. This song has really helped me overcome my sleepiness during the last few days of the fasting month.

*And yesterday, i set this song as my ringtone. :p


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6 Responses to Gym Class Heroes: Stereo Hearts ft. Adam Levine

  1. Drama Queen says:

    What more can I say?
    I told you so..


  2. alvanalvian says:

    Yups, telat menyadari.. :p

  3. -dims says:

    ya ampooon, pantesan suara yg nyanyi mirip vokalis nya Maroon 5.

    helllooooowww, Adam Levine IS the name of THE vocalist =))

    mayan lah 😛

  4. alvanalvian says:

    Yoi Dims,..
    Suaranya emang ear catchy bgt..

  5. -dims says:

    gan, ane ketagihan gan.
    tanggung jawab gan, playlist nya cuma sebiji gan.

    tulung gan 😀

  6. alvanalvian says:

    Coba dengerin yg Maroon 5 feat Christina Aguilera deh dims, “Moves Like Jagger”
    Oke juga tuh lagunya..

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