My First Apple Gadget

iPod nano + Lunatik = Cool Watch, Mobile Music, Nike Fitness : It’s all in the wrist

*Superb thanks to Mr. @gr8arden for the gift. The iPod really helps me going through the traffic jam on my way home. 


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my name is alvan
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4 Responses to My First Apple Gadget

  1. Puput says:

    Dem! gw juga kepengen nih yang ini … -_-
    Rencananya klo dah punya iPad, baru mencoba beli ini… iTouch nya mau dihibahkan ke kakak gw 😛

  2. Alvan Alvian says:

    Hihihi.. asik loh put… :p

  3. ya ampun kereeeeeeennya

  4. alvanalvian says:

    Hehehe.. iya, kece bgt emang nih gadget.. 😀

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