Honesty in Relationship

Just found out a good article on ETS book in the writing section. It exactly represents my thoughts and opinion about honesty and relationship.

When someone ask you “What do you consider to be the most important thing in your relationship?”. I would say honesty, or in other words, always telling the truth is the most important consideration in a relationship. Opposite of this is inarguably lying and if someone needs to lie, either he/she is hiding something or is afraid of telling me something.

In any relationship of mine, i would wish that the person i’m dealing with is honest. Eventhough she did something wrong that i wouldn’t like, she’d better tell me the truth and not lie about it. Later on if I find out about a lie or hear the truth from someone else, that’d be more unpleasant. In that case, how can i ever believe or trust her again? How can i ever believe that she has enough confidence in me to forgive her and carry on the relationship from there. So, if i cannot trust her anymore, if she doesn’t think that i can handle the truth, there’s no point to continue the relationship.


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12 Responses to Honesty in Relationship

  1. -dims says:

    harusnya judul postingan ini adalah: “dear my girlfriend..” 😀

  2. irsalina says:

    eh, déjàvu.. kayaknya buku toefl kita sama nih pan

  3. alvanalvian says:

    Hahaha.. kan ceritanya pesan tersembunyi dim.. :p

    Sepertinya begitu ca, ETS kan.. :p
    Apa kabar ca? udah balik ke Indo belom sih lo?

    • irsalina says:

      baek alpan, belom balik2 ke Indo nih sejak kapan taun hihihi.
      Lo dong kesini pan, kan udah ada “teman” nya :p

      • alvanalvian says:

        Betah banget kayaknya lo dsono..lanjut S3 ya..
        “teman” yg mana nih yg dimaksud?

      • irsalina says:

        betah dong pan! nggak s3 nih, tak mampu otaknya, jadi bekerja saja =P
        yaa gw dong “teman” lo pan, kita kan udah berteman dari dulu parah bgt lo pan gak dianggep gw :p

      • alvanalvian says:

        Hohoho.. kerja dmn kau Ca..? Hahhaa.. asiikk… nanati kl gua ke Prancis (amiienn…) lo jd tour guide gua ya dsana.. 😉

  4. Drama Queen says:

    What an arrogant piece..
    One question comes to mind, what gives you the right “to forgive”? Are you more saintly because you didn’t lie? I’m pretty sure everyone has a skeleton in their closet. It’s a matter of whether his/her partner is willing to accept whatever is hidden inside..

    Some secrets are best left alone and it is up to the owner to reveal it or not..


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