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One thing i’ve learned from the past few months, you really can’t judge a book by it’s cover!!

Sometimes the cover really implies what’s beneath, but most of the times it’s not. So, how do we know? Well, in order to know what’s inside, you can read the review on the back, get recommendation from your friends who already read the book and as of today you can googled it.

But how about a person? That’s way more complicated. Every person is unique, one time you think you know him/her well enough, and the other time you found out somethings otherwise.

Today, in this era of technology, google can provide you a brief introduction about a person, but only the first layer. And by far you’ll only find those facebook account, twitter account, and his/her data that is appear publicly on the internet. Only a glimpse from his/her personal life that he/she would like to show in public or publicly allowed. What’s next?

The second layer is the people he/she interacts with everyday, family, friends, colleagues, etc. They might give you more detail and private information about that person, like hobbies, character, behaviour, goals, health records and so on. From these people you will know how is he/she from others perspective, in this case the people whom he/she is close with.

The third layer, like books, after read the review and recommendation from your friends, nothing more justified rather than read the book itself. You read it carefully, and do not skip any chapter, else you will missed something in the end. So, in real life, in order get to know how he/she really is, is only by getting close to him/her. Keep your eyes open, follow your intuition and hear the whisper inside your heart. And one more thing, manage your expectation.

“The more you expect, the more you let yourself to get down”

-Lori Trager-


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