Afternoon Jog


I’m getting old.
2.14 km in 19 minutes. Arggh!!! It only took me 14 minutes of jog to reach 2.4 km when i was a college student.
Cupu awak. (_ _’)


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my name is alvan
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4 Responses to Afternoon Jog

  1. samsi says:

    itu benda apa van? *pengen ikutan beli* lol

  2. alvanalvian says:

    iPod nano Sam, trus beli dipakein Lunatik wrist strap deh..
    Gmn kabar di taiwan sono?

  3. samsi says:

    oh, ga ada gps yah brarti? *cek harga dl* 😀
    baik2 aj, lg nyolong ilmu dulu d prusahaan sini sblm balik k tanah air. kl ud jadi manager kabarin y van, ntar gw apply kerja k lo aja. hehehe.

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