Islam sehari-hari


I got this book for free from a good friend of mine. It’s about a common mistakes  that we “moslem in Indonesia” usually do. We can see this phenomena everyday, anywhere in Indonesia, and maybe as you reading this book, you will notice that you also did the same mistakes.

She asked me to pass through this book to my friend as soon as i finished reading this book, and ask my friend to do the same, just like “Pay it Forward” movie, she said.

So, if you’re interested, just send me an email, i’ll send it to you.


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my name is alvan
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4 Responses to Islam sehari-hari

  1. andytra says:

    Mau Kak! 😀

  2. DQ says:

    I’d like to read it please.
    But I’m not quite convinced that you’d ‘send’ it to me…


  3. dianamelina says:

    Stumble upon this blog through my friend’s link. Looks like a nice book, too bad didn’t buy it when I came back having holiday in Indonesia several weeks ago.

    Nice sharing, anyway 🙂

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