Door Prize

At a party or gathering, a door prize may be awarded to one or more persons attending, via a raffle or drawing. Prizes can be small things such as pens, bookmarks, and buttons or they can be larger, more expensive items like gift baskets, cash, tickets to concerts, or

I seem to recall that i never won any door prize since i was a kid. I guess i am just not lucky when it comes to this kind of drawing, so when i attend such gathering or event, i never expect to win the door prize.

Yesterday was the Convention of Electrical Engineering Bandung Institute of Technology Alumni. The convention take place at PLN Auditorium, Blok M, Jakarta. Like the previous event, there are many door prize at the end of the event. This time, the committee provide around 20 items, vary from rice cooker, iron, toaster to 32 inch LED TV. I saw those items and suddenly i said “i want that toaster, i don’t have it in my house”. Some of my friends heard what i just said and the said that they expect to win that 32 inch LED TV.

One of my friend who is responsible for the drawing come to the stage and begin the drawing. She started to call in the person who win the door prize to come to the stage and take the door prize. After calling around 15 peoples, suddenly i heard she said ” wow, this door prize will goes to EL’04 alumni…” I was just like “hmm.. i don’t think it goes to me”….And the suddenly she said “Alvan EL’04…” what??!! I was very surprised. I won a door prize for the first time, and even better i got the toaster. So lucky and so happy at the moment.

photo(1)On my way back home, the thought had crossed my mind, that God really gave us what we need, not what we want. But sometimes we forget to be grateful for the things he already gave us. 🙂


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3 Responses to Door Prize

  1. Shenny B.C. says:

    About “God giving you what you need instead of what you want”; well, at that time a toaster was certainly what you want AND need. Logically we’ll want something we think we need, no? 😉

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