Why and What?

why and what

It was the first day at the office after Idul Fitri’s Holiday. Only few people already came to the office, some of my colleagues are still on their vacation at their beloved hometown. One thing I love after Idul Fitri’s holiday is the friendliness of Jakarta’s traffic, unlike usual which are hectic, crowded and desperate. There were not many things you could do on the first day after a long holiday, especially when most of your peer/colleagues are still on their holiday. So, I just read some emails, organized the documents and folder, doing things that I hardly do on the regular day.

I met Puput at lunch, after sharing some stories during our holiday, she mentioned about Chicago Booth Business School – Summer Student Hosted event in Jakarta. The Student and Alumni will be there and we can ask them anything about their program, campus life, cultures, dormitory, anything you want to know about that school. I remember she invited me to join that event but I forgot to send an email to the host, my bad. So, the event was on that day, I wanted to come to get some insight from them. So, I decided to come with her although I did not registered to come and Chicago Booth is not on my list.

After Shalat Maghrib, we went there by Cab, the event took place at Arcadia Senayan (I forgot the name of the cafe). Honestly, it was the first time I went to that place, it’s a wine restaurant, fortunately they serves mineral water, otherwise I won’t be drinking any beverages at all.

We got there a lil bit early, so when we got there, there was  only 4 person on the big round table, and we noticed that the guy who was sitting on the corner is our office mate from the Legal Division. If we knew that he would come, we could have gone there with him and didn’t have to pay for the taxy :p. And one by one people came and joined the table. After 10 minutes of chit-chat, Tatiana, the summer student came and greeted us all. She was the one who hosted this event and made a reservation on that cafe.

Currently she is having an internship at Setiabudi Land Company during the summer. And she decided to hosted this event to give us some information and insight about the school program, etc. So, she started talking about her educational background, campus life, the lecturer, colleagues and other things that we need to know about the experience during the first year, and we were allowed to interrupt if we have any question. The conversation flowed smoothly, people asked specific questions to her, I guess they already prepared the question and want to study there, not like me who just came there unprepared.

Around 8 PM, her boss who was the alumni of Chicago Booth came and joined us. He greeted us and suddenly popped up a question “why do you want to study at Chicago Booth?”. And we started looking at each other and kept in silence for 15 second. And then he asked again “why do you want to take the MBA program?”. Some of us started to answer his question, explained the reasons and their plan. I cannot answer that question, because I was there only to get some insight, but the question is valid for me, because if I were being asked the same question by the Alumni of Business School I would like to apply, I don’t have a valid answer.

Why there and why MBA?

I kept listen to the conversation, and I remembered he said something like this :

Every school has an MBA Program. Why do you choose one school instead of other schools? It is not about the knowledge, because they use the same books, almost the same curriculum. So, what? It is the outer layer of the program, the cultures, the student’s character, the diversity, the ideal of the program, because the MBA program is 50%  build by the student. So ask yourself, who are you and what do you want to do? If you want to study business, just take MM UI or MBA ITB instead, they offer the same program. But what you won’t get if you take the MBA program in Indonesia is the experience, the cultures, the mind set, because 2 years of study will develop your mind set, perspective and leadership. That’s what you won’t get here in Indonesia

He’s right. I need to find out the reason for myself. Choosing Top Business School because of their ranking is not enough. I need to find a specific reason, so I can choose the program and the universities that suites me.


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  1. Puthid says:

    Cita bilang tgl 31 Kellog jg ngadain di PS, udah full sih, tp dia blg datang aja. mau ikutan?

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