The 30 Day Challenge


Sunday, 18 August 2013

Just like the usual Sunday morning, after I finished my Shubuh Prayer, I sleep again and wake up around 9am. Went downstairs and straight to the dining room looking for some breakfast. Yeah, I know I was supposed to take shower first before having breakfast, my bad. The rest of the day would have been just like another Sunday until suddenly the thoughts just crossed my mind. Just some random thoughts I had after I finished Ashar Prayer.

I remembered several weeks ago, one of my colleague in the office caught me wearing the same shirt in a week and said “Van, is that your favorite shirt you’re wearing right now? Because you wore that one last week.” That time I didn’t really notice, I usually take the first shirt I see in the cupboard. I never put or arrange them into order before, so maybe she was right.

So, that Sunday afternoon, I opened up my cupboard, took out all the shirts I have and put it on my bed. I was kinda shocked when I realized that I have many shirts that I haven’t worn this year. Okay, I need to put them into order, so that I will not be wearing the same shirt in a month.  It took me 10 minutes to arrange them into respective order. Shirts issue : Done.

What’s next?

Okay, why not taking another challenges? Do something different or… do something good many times that probably could become your habits. Hmm.. why not?!

So, I made a daily to-do list for a month. Here’s my list :

1. Not wearing the same shirt to the office in a month

2. Come to the office on time

3. Post 1 article every 2 days on this blog (written in English)

4. Read English articles every day

Actually, there are 2 additional things that I made in the “30 Day Challenge” lists that I cannot mention in this blog, it’s personal stuff.

So far it has been four days since Sunday, I can fulfill number 1 and 2, this article is for number 3. Number 4 missed, I will start to do it tomorrow. I wish this “30 Day Challenge” will have good impact for me in the future.

Wish me luck…

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