My First Year recap (part.2)


I spent three weeks of my winter break in Williamsburg. It was a nice long break that I ever had since I was in college. I visited Charlottesville for one day trip to meet my friends over there. We visited UVA and hang out around the city before we leave to Williamsburg at night.


We had final exam in the middle of February, just 2-3 weeks after the winter break. We finally had snow in Williamsburg. They said this year we’ve got pretty heavy snow. We had some classes got canceled because of the 5 inches snow outside. My friend in Michigan always laugh when I said that we had a snow day. She said that in Michigan, the class would only be canceled if they have 3 feet of snow.

For the first time, I had to do the exam in my room instead of in the classroom. The school was closed because the heavy snow outside. We have to start and finish the exam at the same time and send it back to the professor via email. I remembered that morning, 15 minutes before the exam, I called my sister because she just gave birth to her son.

We started module 3 the week after the final. They said this module was easier than the first two modules. Well, it was less hectic in terms of assignments and the class schedules . We also had more free time to do other activities besides school. However, the course itself is more challenging. It was more technical and quantitative rather than the first two modules.


We had spring break during the second week of March. I stayed in Williamsburg most of the time. I can’t spend my money to travel because I need to save some money for my summer trip to the west coast. However, my friends and I managed to go to Washington DC to watched NBA games between Washington Wizard vs Memphis Grizzlies.

Washington Wizard vs Memphis Grizzlies

Washington Wizard vs Memphis Grizzlies

My friend from DC came to Williamsburg to visit me a week after the spring break. I showed him my campus and places around Williamsburg. We also went to Richmond to visit the White House. It was The Confederate President’s White House during the civil war. Turned out during that time, Richmond was the capital of the confederacy.

I got accepted into the Batten Fund team, a student managed investment fund in the MBA program. The team consists of 16 students who will perform fundamental equity research and valuation modeling to manage the portfolio (part of the School’s endowment). I was really happy that I got in, considering that I did not have any background in finance and there were so many students that were applying for this position.

I had mid exam during the end of the month. It was a bit tough. I over analyze the questions and make it more complicated. I did not get a bad score but I did not do really well.


This month was really intense. The courses and the assignments were overwhelming. We also had an internal case competition among first year student on the second week. We could formed our own team consist of five students for this competition. There were total 20 teams divided into 5 groups. Only one team from each group that would go to the final round. Five teams will compete on the final round to win the prizes. We were given a case about Bombardier (aircraft manufacturer from Canada) strategy to compete with Embraer (aircraft manufacturer from Brazil). We passed the first round and we won the 1st runner up position in the final round. Yeah!!!


Randolph Team 2

I am considering to participate in the case competition outside school in the second year, so it was a good experience for me to get the taste of case competition in school. Besides academic activities we had MBAA election, Mason Idol and Japanese night during this month.


Final exam week. I can’t believe that I almost done with my first year. Time does flies. Our EPs invited us for dinner at her place. It was a wonderful night. Good friends, good food, good time, what else can you expect. Before we leave, David gave a speech. I did not realize that was our last moment as team 13. We really are a good team. We performed well, we did not have any issues/internal problems during the first year and we managed to support and back up each other. I wouldn’t have made it this far if I hadn’t been with all of them.


Team 13 with Coaches


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