Hello Jakarta..

While almost all of my friends are doing internship in United States, I decided to go back to Indonesia for the summer. It was a tough call at the beginning. Even though internship is optional for me, I do want to have an experience working abroad in United States. I believed it will gives benefits and advantages for me in the future. However, after weighting some pros and cons, I finally decided to go back home.

I arrived in Jakarta on June 21. Unfortunately, I failed to do shaum (fasting) during the flights from Chicago to Jakarta. The flights was 26 hours in total, including layover for 2 hours in Narita, Japan. The flights was heading west, so I have never had the sun set during the trip.  It was impossible for me to do shaum. I will made that up later after the Eid Mubarak.

My first week had been busy catching up with friends and do “Bukber” (Buka Bareng or Iftar). The day after I got home, my best friend “picked me up” from my house to join the Bukber with my college buddies. We had dinner at a-very-expensive-japanese-buffet, fortunately the food was good so I couldn’t really complain. Don’t get me wrong, I like Japanese food but I have been gone for a year, I missed Indonesian food.

Bukber Geng Bola

Bukber Geng Bola

The next day I stayed at home took some rest. I finally had my mom’s cooking that I have been craving for. This is one of the reason why I want to go back home, I missed my mom’s cooking so bad.

I went to Ramadhan Jazz Festival at Masjid Cut Meutia with my friends on Friday night. It was so crowded that we couldn’t get inside the fences. It seems that last year event was a huge success, that’s why the number of guest have tripled. Even though we couldn’t watch the performances, we did took a picture outside the fences.

RJF numpang check-in

RJF numpang check-in

I got invited to my previous sub directorate team to have a Bukber with them on Monday. We went to Rasane Seafood in Tebet. It was only a couple of kilometers from our office, but it took us almost 1.5 hours to get there. The food was good and I am glad that I could catch up with my colleagues and bosses.

Bukber DPSD

Bukber DPSD

*I should have worn our corporate uniform on Monday


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