My Best Friend Wedding

Rio & Zia Wedding

Rio & Zia Wedding

Today, my best friend from college just got married with his first ever girlfriend after being in a relationship for nearly 4 years. I did not realize that they have been together for that long. I still remember our conversation back then when he wanted to confess his feeling to his girlfriend. It still feels like yesterday. How fast time flies. Now, they will start a new life together as a husband and wife. I am so happy for them and I wish they have a wonderful life together.

Now that I sit back while writing this blog, my mind wandered. I don’t remember exactly how Rio and I met for the first time. I remember that we started being friend since the first semester in college. I don’t really know how we became close since we don’t have the same hobbies. I think probably because he is a really good guy, so it’s easy to get along with him. Then as the time goes by, we became best friend. I used to crashed in his flat back in college when I did not have any home works or assignments. Usually we hang out together with his roommates. They are all very nice people and they usually invite me whenever they have an occasion.

The Groomsmen

The Groomsmen (left to right : Amar, Gege, Anggaditya, Bola, Devid, Me)

This is the groomsmen in his wedding. We decided to wear not-so-formal-but-very-cool attire. Amar had an idea to wear a dark blue blazer, brown khaki pants and a square pocket. Not bad, eh?

*hopefully next year one of the groomsmen here could follow Rio’s step to get married :p


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