Hang out in DC


Last weekend, I went to DC to meet up with my best friend who just got married. This is the second time I went to DC to be a host for my friend. Initially, he was planning to spend time in DC and New York with his wife. However, his wife visa application got rejected, so he ended up stuck in DC with me. lol

I picked him up at the airport on Saturday at noon then we went to visit several DC’s landmark such as US Capitol, Library of Congress, White House, etc. We continue our trip to Georgetown Cupcakes, one of the “must visit” places in DC. As usual, we needed to wait in line for about 20 minutes before we get our cupcakes. We met his wife’s friend who just started her MBA at Wharton this year. What a small world.


We watched MLB games between Washington Nationals vs Miami Marlins at night. It was a great game and we were able to see four home runs from Washington Nationals. Washington Nationals won the game that night.

*some tips : if you ever want to watch the game, you don’t need to pay expensive parking rate that is located across the stadium. You can park your car on the side of the road just a couple blocks from the stadium for free (after 6.30pm during weekend)


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