The Dunning-Kruger Effect

I saw the graph this morning on social media, I guess one of my friends posted it today. This graph is really interesting for me. Some people are very confident even though they might not have any knowledge of experience in certain area. On the other hand, some people who have been in the field underestimate their competencies, erroneously assuming that tasks which are easy for them also are easy for others. I think you can actually see how it plays in real life.  You can see it in your office, in the media, basically everywhere.

The trouble with the world
is that the stupid are cocksure
and the intelligent are full of doubt.
— Bertrand Russell

If I may draw my own confidence level graph, I wonder how it would looks like. It would probably look like a straight line with some ups and downs in the middle. My confidence level would go higher as I have more experience and knowledge, but maybe along the way I feel doubtful about my own capability, just like what the Dunning-Kruger about.

Talking about confidence, I am the kind of person who need data and reasoning behind argument so I can speak with confidence. I need to believe it myself than I would be able to have confidence in it and show it to people. In the business world, I see that as a disadvantage. Sometimes you just need to show confidence even though you still have doubts. For me, that is really hard, I just can’t fake it.

Does self-confidence nature or nurture? I think it could be both. Some people born with self-confidence and some people don’t. Some people need to have recognition from other to make them feel confident. However, studies showed that people with a greater belief in their own abilities often performed better, even if they were actually less intelligent/skilled. So, I think its really important to believe in ourself and have that confidence to be able to succeed.

Fake it till you own it?


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