A few days ago I just turned 29. Yes, one year before the big 30. How fast time flies. It seems that it was only yesterday when I was traveling to New York with one of my friend during the third week of December last year. I remember that we visited McGee Pub (The bar that inspired HMIYM writers) and we watched Mamma Mia at one of the Broadway Theater on my birthday. It was really fun, we stayed in New York for seven days and visited so many places around the area.

This year I just had a birthday dinner with my roommates and my friend in Williamsburg. We went to Buffalo Wild Wings that is nearby. That’s it. lol


I received many birthday wishes from my family and friends either via phone call, text or social media. From all the birthday wishes that I’ve got, one really got me. It was from my little sister. She made a short video for me. I thought she forgot my birthday because she sent it before midnight. The video was less than a minute and it has a couple of my photos and messages. Those messages are the one that really got me. The timing was perfect, just when I need it.

-a year older a year wiser-

Williamsburg, 23 December 2015.


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