Spring Break

KeyBank Case Competition in Cleveland by Ohio State University (March 4 – March 6)

Participating in a case competition outside the school is in one of my “things to do before graduation” list. So, when a friend asked me to replace him in this competition, of course I’d say yes. I just think that I can learn a lot from the experience and I don’t really have plan for spring break anyway.

The competition took place in Cleveland, Ohio. KeyBank as the sponsor covers all of the accommodation and provides allowance for every team that were traveling from other states. Yeah, they were so generous. We decided that we would be driving to Cleveland because the flight schedule and the airline ticket price did not seem like a viable option. We leave at 5.30 a.m on Friday and drove 9 hours from Williamsburg to Cleveland. We arrived there on time to check in and have a spare time to rest before the opening ceremony in the evening.

There were 24 teams from 24 schools competing in this competition and they divided us into 5 brackets. We were in the first bracket along with four other schools. Only one team from each bracket that would proceed to the final round. This is us before the presentation.


Before the presentation

Unfortunately, we did not proceed to the final round. However, when we watched the team’s presentation from our bracket that proceed to the final round, we agreed that they deserved it. They presented great ideas and feasible solutions, and one of the team member won the competition last year. So, we’re okay with that, lol. We checked out the city afterwards and hang out with other team after the closing ceremony. We left Cleveland early the next day because I had to catch a flight to New York from Washington DC.

New York (March 6 – March 10)

A good friend of mine texted me a few days before the spring break saying that she will come to New York and have two days off to hang out in the city. I have not seen her for more than two years after she left Indonesia to pursue her master degree. Considering the fact that she’s now working as a flight attendant in a foreign country and the job would require her to travel a lot, means that it would not be easy to meet her, so meeting her in New York is a good opportunity to catch up. I also can spend my spring break in New York anyway rather than staying in Williamsburg. I flew to New York from Washington DC on Sunday afternoon and met her at night. She arrived a bit late so we did not have much time to hang out at night, we just ate the famous Halal Guys for dinner. She probably tired and need some time to rest after a long flight.

The next day we explore the city. She wanted to check McGee’s Pub, the “How I Met Your Mother cafe”, so we had lunch over there. We went to Central Park, Times Square, China Town, Little Italy, and other places around the city. The weather was ok, not too cold and windy compare to the last time I went to New York in February. We were joking about how cool we are, have not met for a long time and then suddenly meet up in New York. :p


@ Times Square

She had to leave on Tuesday afternoon and flew back to Dubai while I extended my stay in New York until Thursday. I went to my friend’s place in the evening to catch up with them and got a free dinner, lol. I spent the next days hanging out with them. We had lunch at an Indian restaurant, I forgot the name, but it was the best Indian food I’ve ever had.


Lunch with The New Yorker @ Indian Restaurant

The next day I decided to fullfil one of my “things to do before graduation” list, which is to do a morning jog at Central Park. I had been wanting to do it since the first time I visited New York in 2014, but because the weather, timing, and other reasons, I had not been able to do it. This time, the weather was perfect, it was warm and sunny on Thursday. I managed to run 3.5 miles in less than an hour. Well, not so bad for me who have not work out for months.


Morning Jog @ Central Park

I went back to Williamsburg in the afternoon and arrived late at night with lots of dirty clothes and an empty wallet. Lol.


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