Meet Imam Suhaib Webb


I have been watching his lectures on YouTube for almost a year. A few months ago I found out that there will be an ICNA-MAS Convention in Baltimore by the end of May and he is one of the keynote speakers with Ustad Nouman Ali Khan, Shaykh Omar Suleiman, and other great scholars. I decided to attend the convention so I can see all of them deliver the lectures in person.

Today, the first day of the convention, just before Imam Suhaib Webb delivers his first lectures, I saw him waiting in line to get a water bottle outside the conference room. I froze for a moment; “wow.. that’s him.. I watched his khutbah many times and he is standing in front of me now”. I knew that he was in a rush to get into the ballroom and his Liaison Officer was trying to keep up with the time schedule, but I couldn’t lose this opportunity to greet him. I walked towards him and..

me : Assalamualaikum Imam Suhaib.. It is really nice to finally meeting you..

ISW : Turned around and said : Wa’alaikumsalam.. Apa kabar?

me : *surprised that he can speak Malay/Bahasa and correctly guess that I’m either Indonesian or Malay*.. Wow.. you can speak bahasa?

ISW : Sedikit.. Where are you from? Malaysia?

me : Indonesia. *I do wanna say that I watched many of his lectures and how it resonates with me, but I realized that his time is limited, so instead I asked him* You mind if I take picture with you?

ISW : Boleh, satu..

me : Thanks..

and then his LO approached him to get him ready for the lectures. I totally forgot that his wife is from Malaysia, so of course he can speak a little bit Malay/Bahasa. He had three sessions today and I attended all of them. He addressed hot topics about Islamophobia, bigotry, social justice and other relevant topics in United States. It was really great to finally able to attend his lectures after only watched him on YouTube.

Can’t wait to hear Ustad Nouman and Shaykh Omar speeches tomorrow. Who knows I might get lucky again..


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3 Responses to Meet Imam Suhaib Webb

  1. Nagea says:

    Because we live in this world where having a picture (to post in our bloga and social media) with the idol is more important than acknowledging the idol for his work and how it has affected you as a person.

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