My Second Year recap (part.2)


I went to New York City (NYC) for a few days to meet a couple of friends. It’s been a while since the last time I met them, so it was a good opportunity to visit NYC and catching up with them. We went to Times Square for New Year’s Eve, although we were not able to see the ball drop, it was still fun. At least I experienced one of the “things that you must do in NYC”. Lol.


A few block from Time Square

The next day, Ghany and Nani invited everyone to their house for their house warming and also as a favor for me. Lol. (Ghan, you’re a good wingman bro..!!).


Ghany and Nani House Warming

The following week I went to Pittsburg to visit a couple of friends who studied at Tepper School of Business. I drove for a straight 7 hours from Williamsburg by myself. I don’t know why but I really enjoyed driving in the states. I can clear my mind while I’m driving and reflects about things in my life. I also can sing during the trip and release some stress. Lol. So, I stayed for 4 days in Pittsburg at my friend’s apartment. He showed me around and we visited some interesting places.


At the end of the month, the international student office arranged one-day sky trip for $50, transportation included. Good deal! Of course I would signed up for the trip. I finally had the chance to went skying. I went on ice skating before and I thought skying would be similar, but it’s not. It’s different. I would say this one you need to be careful because you can get easily injured. I was lucky that I met this 8 y.o boy that showed me some techniques.



While last month I enjoyed the winter break and had a lot of fun, this month was a bit intense because I took more credits that I needed to graduate. One of the courses is only 2 credits, but it took more hours, because the faculty designed the course to be delivered in 7 weeks. So, it was really packed.

Mid February I went to NYC again to meet a friend. I only stayed for a day because I need to prepare my Batten Fund report for my pitch. This semester I was on the Tech and Telecom sector in Batten Fund analysts team. I thought finding stocks in this sector won’t be hard but I was wrong. It took me some time to finally made up my mind. The presentation went well, unfortunately, the majority of the class voted not to buy the stock. At that time I thought it should be an easy decision for my fellow analysts to vote Yes compared to my previous pitch in the oil sector, but then I realized the mistake that I made.

First, I assumed everyone knows and understand about tech/telecom sector so I did not put a lot of background information during the presentation. Second, I did not spend more time on how to sell it. I was too focused on the company’s product, competition and all the hard numbers and stats that I forget to find something that will interest my fellow analysts that would drive their decision to buy the stock. It was a good experience. *if we decided to buy the stock at that time, now (August, 25th) we would have gained almost 48% return


My team and I went to Cleveland Ohio for the case competition. My friend offered me to replace his position in the last minute. I accepted his offer because it was on my bucket list. We did not win but we had a lot of fun. I had a spring break and I, again, went to New York to meet a friend.

At the end of the month, David, one of my teammates in the first year came to school to visit us. We had a quick lunch in the cafeteria because he had to go back to work afterwards. It was nice to catch up with him, the last we met him was in May 2015.


Team 13 (without Laith)


I guess this month I almost never spent any weekend in Williamsburg. The first week, I went to James Madison University for International Student Leadership Conference on April 1st and 2nd in Harrisonburg, VA. The campus is nice and the conference was great. I am glad that I decided to come. The next day I went to DC to come to Don Rizli’s birthday lunch.

The following weekend, my best friend came to visit NYC, and again, I went to NYC to visit him. Another friend from Texas also came to visit NYC so it was fun to catch up with everyone. We visited some of the city’s landmark like Liberty Statue, Wall Street, Empire State Building, etc.


Rio’s family – Utie’s family – Nani&Ghany

The following week, my friend, Dian, came to visit Williamsburg. She stayed for 2 days to explore Williamsburg. I told her that it would not take more than 2 days to see Williamsburg, lol. The next day we went to DC to see the Cherry Blossom Festival. Nani and Ghany also came to DC. So we went to the event together and meet other friends. After the event, Nani and Ghany came with me to visit Williamsburg and stayed for two days.


By the end of April I already finished all my exams and ready to graduate. Time flies. All I can say that these past two years has been a wonderful journey. I learned a lot of things and I really enjoyed it. Praise to Allah.


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