About Me

IMG_2366My name is Alvan.

I was born and raised in the capital city of Indonesia apart from the 2.5 years of my childhood that I spent living in Mississippi. My family was abroad whilst my father pursued his Masters degree. I wished that my father had thought of extending his residency and continued working in the United States, at least until my sister and I adopted the English language and were able to speak like native Americans.

I’m the second child in the family and I have two sisters. Both my parents are from West Sumatra. My father originally comes from Bukittinggi and my mother is from Selayo, Solok. They went to Jakarta after they were married which is very common among the Minagkabau community. Our people tend to go to Jakarta after they have completed their high school or college degree.

Like any other kid, I love playing football. I remembered playing football almost everyday throughout primary school up to junior high school. I never bothered studying, barely did my homework, and was so obsessed with playing football that I would be out in the field with the kids from our neighborhood till late in the evening. That was really fun though! The good old days .

Things started to change when I was accepted at the state-owned Senior High School, SMA 82. I wasn’t exactly sure how it happened, but I began to study. I really enjoyed the way the teachers taught us there. It was motivating, inspiring and uplifting. So, I eventually stopped playing football after school and started prioritizing my study. It was not because I was thinking about the future, but it was simply because I grew a sudden interest in physics, mathematics and chemistry. It may sound rather geeky now, but every word is true. A superb thank you goes to my teachers in High School; you were the reason that I got into one of the most prestigious institutions in Indonesia, Bandung Institute of Technology, ITB.

I graduated from the faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics, Bandung Institute of Technology majoring in Telecommunication in 2009. This had brought me to PT. Telkomsel, the company that I have been working for since February 2010 till now. Currently, I’m at the Digital Music Technology Platform Department, handling several projects and developing new business services. I really enjoy working here. There is a fantastic atmosphere in my workplace; I have great colleagues and relatable bosses. The dynamics of the business itself keeps me geared up.

I like to write, and am still learning how to put together an eye-catching piece. I always envy a good writer who can write very interesting stories that flow naturally. So, this blog is my way of refining my writing skills. They say, practice makes progress.

Enjoy Reading..


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  1. Hai salam kenal ya 😀 main ke Iceland hehehe

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